How to Apply

Applications for the M.Sc.SED. will not open in academic year 2022-23.

Next enrollment-date: NUIG plans to accept students to the M.Sc.SED. in 2023-24. 

It is not possible to apply for this Masters in 2022-23.  If you wish to complete the Masters, you are advised to complete the Diploma in Software Engineering (Level 8) in 2022-23 first.  Currently, a student who has completed the Diploma may progress to second year of the M.Sc.SED.  Please note however that the M.Sc.SED. programme will undergo a programmatic review in 2022/23.  There is a possibility that this progression option will not be available after that programmatic review. 

(This progression option is specific to the M.Sc.SED. since the programmes have shared modules.  Students with the Diploma cannot transfer to other Masters programmes with those exemptions.)

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