• MSc Software Engineering & Database Technologies
  • Duration: 2 years (part-time, 100% online)
  • National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) Level: 9

This Masters is designed to advance your knowledge of software engineering and development, and database design and development.

Students complete ten 8-week modules over the two years of the programme, mixing database and software engineering content.

In addition, a Masters-level research or development thesis is submitted at the end of the 2nd year. The thesis involves two extra modules.

The student is not expected to be on-campus. Students are invited to join Orientation online prior to course start (to meet their peers and the academic team).


We recommend taking the Diploma in Software Engineering 1DSE1 route to the Masters.  All Diploma students (who are passing exams) are offered an opportunity to progress to the Masters towards the end of the Diploma.  Those students transfer directly to Year 2 of the M.Sc.SED.  (Taking this route to the Masters does not incur extra costs or extra time).  

The Diploma modules are the same as the M.Sc.SED Year 1 modules.

Important note: A student cannot leave the Masters at the end of first year with the Diploma award. 

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