Academic Writing

In Academic Writing in NUIG, the Harvard style of referencing (and citation) is used.  See the NUIG Guide to Writing and Referencing.

Academic writing tasks and assignments are generally set by your lecturer or tutor for a module within your course and may take the form or an essay, report or a research paper (and more). You will receive clear criteria against which your academic writing will be assessed. Academic writing should be clear and concise to help the reader understand the information. General characteristics of writing an academic piece of work include:

  • Answering the question that has been asked
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the subject area
  • Support all information with evidence
  • Reference all sources of information
  • Adopt a formal writing style that is impersonal, objective and balanced

 The Academic Writing Centre (AWC) within the James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway offers free one-to-one tutorials on essay writing skills for all levels. Visit the AWC page for greater details.

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